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It was another fun filled and exciting game this year.  The result was a lot closer than previously (perhaps do to some late off season wheeling and dealing by Glenn “Chico” Silver at the trade deadline).  This year the Lasker Cup went to the MDD Marys who held on to win 7-5 over the Goodman Alices.  Coach DiPerno has promised me that he will take good care of the cup and will get it engraved with this year’s winner.  In fact, if you check out the photos from the game, you’ll see it being safely transported up to Lake Placid.  The Alices, led by Carter “The Beard” Reich, have vowed revenge next year!  We shall see!  Keep training and let’s all bring our A (or B or C) game next year!


More importantly everyone had a great time and we were able to raise $11,800 for Hockey In Harlem.  I’d really like to thank all of our sponsors, Stalker Vogrin & Frimet, SportsInsurance, Exceptional Risk Advisors, HCC, MDD, SCA, Goodman Associates, and Premier Adjusting for their contributions towards, team jerseys, ice time and officiating.  I want to also thank Marguerite Hart from MDD, who although could not attend as our medic this year, helped put together our brochures.  I do see a correlation in the lack of injuries this year and the lack of medic on sight but we look forward to having you back next year.  Thank you Young & Associates for the jersey donations, they helped raise some money through the raffle and were a great take away at the bar night!  Additionally, a special thank you goes out to Lew Cowan, our photographer.  The pictures came out great!  Most importantly, I want to specifically thank Marty Alpert.  Without his challenge and contribution our charity work for Hockey In Harlem would not have come close to what we ultimately did   Marty’s individual generosity is outstanding and hopefully has set the bar for all of us in the future!  


It was great to see such support and enthusiasm this year and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!  I’m still in awe that some off hand conversations have turned into a big event like this and it is fun to watch it grow.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the game this year.  If anyone has any photos they would like to add, send them on and I’ll put them up.


Until we start to put together Frozen Apple III . . . . 




Mike “Five Hole” Frimet


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