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What started out as various casual conversations over the years with several current and former hockey players that had found themselves in the insurance industry turned itself into a fun and exciting event on January 18, 2014.  The first Frozen Apple Hockey Game happened at Lasker Rink in Central Park, New York.  Players, and fans, from all over attended the event.  Some traveling to New York from as far away in the United States as Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Minnesota.  Additionally, we had an international contingent with representation from Toronto, Canada and Zurich, Switzerland. 
With smiles on their faces and adrenaline in their veins (along with a little whiskey), these players took the ice and represented their sponsor teams, the MDD Marys and the Goodman Alices.  The ice was sponsored by Exceptional Risk Advisors.  Unfortunately they did not have enough to pay for any lines on the ice.  Maybe next year!  Although the skill level varied and many of the players had not been on the ice in years, we all looked and acted the part of the true hockey player.  The videos and the photos do not lie.   Take a look and see us all in action! 
At the conclusion of the hard fought battle, the Goodman Alices defeated the MDD Marys 7-2 and captured the first Lasker Cup.  However, the score was the least of it.  Everyone had a good time and (at least speaking for myself) we got to be like those boys we were that spent hours on the ice at various rinks, or ponds (or as anyone from Long Island will know) sumps that had frozen over. 
We also had the chance to raise some money for a worthy cause – Hockey in Harlem.  We raised about $1,000 to help bring a sport that we all love to some inner city children. 
With such overwhelming support, I say we do it again next year!!!! 
Enjoy the photos and videos. 
Till next time,
Game On!!
Mike “Five Hole” Frimet

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