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It was another successful year for the Frozen Apple!  In the third installment, Frozen Apple III – Fear at the Pier, we had another spirited game at Chelsea Pier.  After a very busy draft the night before, which saw several players change teams from the prior year and a number of trades between the teams, we were all ready to Rock and Roll for the ultimate Insurance Industry Hockey Game with the one and only Lasker Cup on the line.  Would the MDD Mary’s defend their title or would the Goodman Alices reclaim it in a comeback effort? 


The players were primed and ready to go.  We saw flashes of brilliance and flashes of, well . . . , something less than brilliance, but good effort none the less.  The pictures certainly tell the story, and make us all look great.  Make sure you check them out!  The fans were in attendance and cheering on their favorite players!  I hear rumblings that various fan clubs are forming. 


All in all, it was a good, hard fought battle.  We all played to our best ability and had a lot of fun!  Ultimately, the Alices reclaimed the Lasker Cup with a 9-4 victory.   They can add their name to the trophy.  Throughout and after the game there were lots of smiles and a few aches and pains.  Everyone, players and spectators, had a good time at Chelsea Pier and then it was off to Twins Pub for the post game festivities.


The good times continued throughout the night and we had a very successful auction.  Ultimately, the true winners were Ice Hockey In Harlem.  I’m so pleased to report that this year the Frozen Apple raised $15,920 for IHIH!!!!  We are currently their second biggest annual supporter.  We also started to get some press.  The NHL community hockey board gave us a shout out on their facebook page.  Here is the link:


We are gaining momentum so lets keep it going.  The funds raised came mostly from donations by each player and various corporate entities.  Both IHIH and myself thank you all so much.  I cannot believe how much this group of pond hockey hacks has done in such a short amount of time.  Just to show that our money is going to good use I received the below from John Sanful, of IHIH:


On February 13, Ice Hockey in Harlem students between the ages of 14-17 took an overnight trip to Cornell University as part of our College Readiness program.


They enjoyed a fantastic welcome & information session in the Admissions building, and then headed out on a tour of the school.  The kids didn’t mind the cold at all, they were having so much fun.  Everyone was impressed at the size of the campus and they also loved hearing about the hotel on campus – run by students.  One of our volunteers, Madison Kramer, is a recent Cornell grad and was able to offer extra tidbits of info throughout made a big difference, too – I think for the kids to know their own coach students and graduated from Cornell just a few years ago brought things home for them.



After the college tour everyone went straight to Lynah Rink to see Cornell vs. Brown.  When the students were asked what their highlight of the weekend was at the end of the game.  Ice Hockey in Harlem students were 10 rows or so off the ice behind the goal. Cornell tied it at 3-3 with 0:09 left in the 3rd period, so the tie felt like a win to our group and they were more fired up than you could imagine.


Saturday morning, students had the privilege to skate from 9:30 to 10:20am on the Lynah ice.  Seeing the game there Friday night made this entirely different for our kids – they were still in awe.  We’d hoped to hike after that at Buttermilk Falls, but it was below 0 at that point, so we left straight from the rink.  This also left us time to stop for pizza & wings for lunch at a spot that also has an arcade room in the Poconos before making it back to Harlem.


It is thanks to the Frozen Apple and the support of everyone involved that we are able to do something like this. Additionally, your support will help pay for ice time costs, equipment and additional trips over the next month and into the summer.


On behalf of everyone: Thank you!



John Sanful, Executive Director

127 West 127th Street, Suite 415

New York, New York 10027

Tel: 212-722-0044, extension 100

Fax: 212-722-0018


Thank you all for being such great supporters and for showing up and giving it a good effort for a good cause.



Stay Tuned for Information About Frozen Apple IV . . . . .


All the Best,


Mike “Five Hole” Frimet


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